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As our state and country have become increasingly dependent on technology and computers the amount of personal and private information stored within electronic public databases has increased. Now with appropriate credentials and a few strokes on the keyboard, a state employee, government administrator, or police officer could illegally access your personal information from the Department of Public Safety’s Minnesota Driver’s License Database. With access to this database, this government employee or Minnesota Police Officer could access your personal data including your driver’s license photo, height, weight, address, and other personal information.

Minnesota Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) Lawyers

In 1994, Congress enacted the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act which serves to protect individuals from having their driver’s license from being wrongfully accessed. The DPPA contains a provision that allows plaintiffs to recover money damages for each time the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act has been violated. Depending on the number of times that your Minnesota Driver’s License data has been improperly accessed, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

What should I do, if I think that someone has wrongfully accessed my Minnesota Driver’s License Personal Information

It is natural to feel anxious, scared, upset, or angry if you learn that your Driver’s License Information has been unlawfully accessed by a state or city employee. You may have many If you suspect that a Minnesota police officer, Minnesota Sheriff, Minnesota Deputy, or other Minnesota Government Employee has illegally searched for your driver’s license information, you may have questions such as:

– How can I tell if someone accessed my personal driver’s license information?
– What can I do if I know that a police officer has illegally looked at my private driver’s license data?
– How can I make sure that my Minnesota driver’s license information is not improperly accessed in the future?

If you believe that your driver’s licence information has been improperly searched, you should contact a Minnesota Driver’s Privacy Protection Attorney to discuss your concerns and learn your rights. An experienced Minnesota federal lawyer can guide you the process and determine whether you should consider bringing a lawsuit against the entity or individual(s) who breached your privacy.

Minneapolis – St. Paul Data Privacy Lawyers Fighting for You

If you think that a state employee has violated your privacy and caused you to lose peace of mind, you have rights and options.

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